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IND231/IND236 Weighing Terminal

Cost-Effective Weighing Terminal for General Purpose Transaction Weighing

The IND231 and IND236 terminals provide rugged, operator-friendly operation in basic weighing, over/under checkweighing, animal weighing and simple counting applications. The terminals feature a large backlit graphic LCD display, an operator-friendly keypad layout, and multiple connectivity options. Application specific print templates, including date and time information, provide a record of the transaction or integration into PC based software applications. A high efficiency battery option provides long battery life for use in mobile weighing applications. These capabilities make the versatile IND231 and IND236 general purpose transaction weighing terminals suitable for a variety of applications.


IND231/IND236 Weighing Terminal

Features and Benefits

  • Large LCD display with backlight provides good readability under varying light conditions
  • Rugged stainless steel IP66/67 or styled polymer housing fulfill requirements in a variety of factory environments
  • In addition to the standard RS‑232 port, additional connectivity is available, including RS‑232/422/485, USB device, or Discrete I/O
  • A long-life battery option creates a versatile mobile weighing solution
  • Included application-specific software provides out-of-the box functionality for a range of weighing applications
  • Application modes easily activated via the user-defined function key

Integral Applications

Fast and efficient over/under checkweighing operation

  • 10 stored targets with easy configuration and editing
  • Fast target recall via a single function key
  • Clear indication of Over/Under status via graphic weight status symbol
  • Ability to assign discrete outputs to target status, allowing for control of signal lights or other peripheral devices.

Counting with APW enhancement

  • Average piece weight (APW) enhancement provides a more accurate counting result. As the number of weighments increases, the counting accuracy improves automatically.
  • Easy switching between piece count and total weight.
  • Quick recall of average piece weight and reference weight.

Animal weighing

  • Fixed weighing averaging time interval, with averaged weight displayed until next weighing transaction is activated.
  • Application-specific print template automatically printed for increased productivity thanks to hands-free operation


  • Both manual and auto accumulation of gross or net weight
  • Accumulation result can be displayed and printed.

Remote display

  • The IND231/IND236 terminal can function as a remote display for many METTLER TOLEDO industrial weighing terminals. The remote terminal can control the host terminal via clear, tare, zero, and print key presses.

IND231/IND236 Weighing Terminal
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IND231/IND236 Weighing Terminal
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